Reiki Tummo

Inner Balance and Healing

In its natural condition our body is healthy and has the ability to heal itself from illnesses. Tensions can arise in the body, often arising from emotional blockages, and these can block the body’s self-healing mechanisms from functioning properly. As a result of this the body can become ill.  If we want to be healthy and stay that way we have to reduce the tensions in our body step by step. Reiki Tummo can help us to achieve this.


Reiki Tummo is a healing technique for effective support of inner balance and giving natural support of healing from illnesses.  In Reiki Tummo subtle energy is channeled through hands either to a client or to oneself.  The subtle energy releases tensions in the body effectively and facilitates the activation of the self- healing energy flow of the body.  With Reiki Tummo, in addition to reiki energy kundalini energy is also released to make the healing deeper.


In Reiki Tummo workshops both reiki and kundalini energies are activated and participants are shown how to use this energy for healing themselves or others.  We currently offer three levels of Reiki Tummo workshops, which are rounded up with the Kundalini and Meditation Workshop. These follow on from each other and allow a gradual increase in body and healing energy levels.



Workshop Content


Level 1

  • Basic healing techniques with Reiki Tummo energy
  • Basic distant healing techniques
  • Increasing the energy capability of the practitioner


Level 2

  • Advanced healing
  • Activating kundalini energy
  • Advanced techniques for healing across time and distance
  • Further increasing the energy capability of the practitioner


Level 3A

  • Group healing
  • Reiki programming (making a permanent energy connection to an object)
  • Complete development of the seven main chakras
  • Opening the eighth chakra


Kundalini Workshop

  • Activate and make the Kundalini energy work its best 
  • Cleansing and widening the sushumna
  • Advance cleansing of body layers


Meditation Workshop 

  • Activating the pineal gland to improve health and meditation
  • Cleansing the body layers to help heart open easier
  • Knowing the heart better and enjoying the beauty of the Divine Source’s Love