Natural Walking

Fitness, Radiance and Health

In its natural condition our body is healthy and has the ability to heal itself from illnesses. When we use our bodies incorrectly, particularly when walking improperly or by putting pressures on our bodies in our reactions to everyday situations, we can cause tensions. This can block the body’s self-healing mechanisms from functioning properly.  As a result of this the body can become ill.  If we want to be healthy and stay that way we have to reduce the tensions in our body in a targeted way so that the body can be brought back into natural equilibrium.  Natural Walking is a natural and easily learned method that supports us in achieving this.  Alongside our recovery Natural Walking also has a positive effect on our body shape, our muscular build and our emotional well-being.  Simply stated we feel happy all round. Natural Walking can be practiced everywhere, for example at work, in nature or while travelling. 


In a one day workshop participants learn in a simple way about the theoretical and practical elements of walking correctly and naturally.  Afterwards you will be able to apply this in your everyday life.

Workshop Content


Level 1

  • Sharing the connections between Natural Walking and the positive effects it has on our health and wellbeing
  • Analysing and giving feedback on the way you currently walk and the effect of this on your body
  • Explaining and studying the six keys contained in Natural Walking
  • Correcting common mistakes
  • Practicing and enjoying the new movements with relaxing music.


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