Open Heart

Inner Contentment and Personality

Our feeling heart is in the middle of our chest and is the centre of our feelings. In its natural condition, our heart is able to experience feelings such as calmness, peace and joyfulness, if it is not blocked by negative emotions such as anger, envy and jealousy. The condition of our heart is indicative of the state of our character.  The more developed it is, the more balanced and happier are we.  We then literally feel we are in our core.


Along with our head, our heart is also an important instrument for our guidance.  We can only make good decisions in our lives and carry these out in a consistent fashion when our mind and feeling are aligned.  If our head is too dominant we become “top heavy” and will need to regain our equilibrium by going into our heart.  This is achieved by strengthening and opening our heart.


"Open Heart" encompasses an easy to learn form of meditation which helps us to strengthen and open our hearts effectively.  Unlike most types of meditation it does not focus on quietening the mind but rather aims to strengthen and open the heart.  By strengthening and opening the heart, feelings such as calmness and peace develop so that the mind naturally becomes quieter.  This leads to greater inner happiness and vitality which, in turn, have a positive effect on our character.


 In the “Open Heart” workshop participants are introduced to a deeper understanding of the heart and how to feel the heart more clearly.  This is done partly through theory and partly through simple to practice exercises that strengthen and open the heart.  A key part is the Open Heart Meditation.


After the one day workshop participants will be able to do the exercises and meditation by themselves at home.  At the moment we offer four levels of Open Heart Workshop.  The levels provide successive increments and enable your heart to be opened and developed step by step.


Workshop Content


Level 1

  • deep relaxation
  • experiencing the difference between our mind and heart being dominant
  • feeling and strengthening our heart
  • directing our heart to True Source, the Source of Love in our heart
  • relying on our heart better in daily life

Level 2

  • deepening the ability and strengthening of our heart
  • staying in the heart
  • noticing how your heart certainly gives clear answer
  • trusting the heart better in different situations

Level 3

  • opening, cleansing and activating the main seven chakras
  • following the feeling from your heart more clearly
  • letting the Love radiate from your heart
  • acting from your heart

Level 4

  • an effective self healing
  • feeling the vibration of your heart and the Love better
  • being in your heart and trusting your heart on a daily basis
  • realizing and enjoying our connection to True Source more clearly