About us


At openheart we stand for a happy and healthy lifestyle that comes from the “feeling” heart.  With our range of programmes we aim to encourage a way of life that resonates with and is in accordance with the heart.


If we are looking for more inner happiness we just need to be brought more to our core, our heart. Our heart is embedded naturally into our body.  Our body’s condition makes a significant contribution to our inner happiness.  In the same way our heart’s condition has a direct connection to our health. Without any unnatural effort, we will teach you in our workshops how you can develop and heal your heart and body at the same time to find greater inner happiness and health in your life.


In our “Open Heart”, ‘Natural Walking” and “Reiki Tummo” workshops we invite you to experience a whole new feeling in your heart and body. The contents of these workshops were developed according to natural principles of living, which means they have a natural effect without any great effort on your part. Most participants can already feel the positive effects in their heart and body during the workshop or once they have practiced for a short time afterwards. That is what OPENHEART represents.


Our heart is naturally able to feel peace and inner happiness.  Our body is naturally healthy and is able to heal itself.  Our approach is to bring heart and body back to a natural state rather than to add something unnatural.


It is important to consider here that as humans we have limited abilities and so, on our path through life, we can rely on the universal love in our hearts to become happy and healthy and remain so. 


openheart is part of the international network of Natural Way of Living.