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At openheart we stand for a happy and healthy way of living that comes naturally from the “feeling” heart. With our range of programmes we aim to encourage a lifestyle that resonates with and is in accordance with the heart. Our heart is in the middle of our chest and is the centre of our feelings. The condition of our heart is indicative of the state of our character. The more developed it is, the more balanced and happier are we. We then literally feel we are in our middle.


Without any unnatural effort, we will teach you in our workshops how you can develop and heal your heart and body to reduce stress as well as find greater inner happiness and health in your life.

About us

In our "Open Heart", "Natural Walking" and "Reiki Tummo" workshops we invite you to experience and enjoy a whole new feeling in your heart and body.


Irmansyah Effendi developed the content of these workshops according to natural principles of living, which means they have a natural effect without any great effort on your part.  Most participants can already feel the positive effects in their heart and body during the workshop or once they have practiced for a short time afterwards.  That is what openheart represents.


openheart is part of the international network of Natural Way of Living 

Our workshops

Inner Contentment and Personality

Open Heart

We bring you Open Heart for effective support of inner peace and happiness as well as for your own personality and spirituality.

Fitness, Radiance and Health

Natural Walking

We bring you Natural Walking for effective support of personal fitness, a naturally positive radiance and your health.

Inner Balance and Healing

Reiki Tummo

We bring you Reiki Tummo for effective support of your inner balance and natural effective support in healing sickness.

Our team

We are happy to talk to you and give you advice on the choice of workshops or answer any questions you may have on what we offer.  In addition to the core products we have mentioned we are able to offer tailor-made programmes for individuals and companies.  Please get in touch with us for a personal call or send us an email.


We offer online and offline workshops in the following European countries: Germany, UK, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.


European Contacts:


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